Friday, July 1, 2011

tourists for a day

One sunny afternoon, J and I decided to venture down to Pike Place Market and be tourist in our own city. It was so refreshing to take in Seattle and enjoy it for all it's beauty. For lunch we tried the Gourmet Dog Japon hot dog stand. We got the Yakisoba, Matsuri & Kabuki (pictured below from left to right). All in all it was delicious, but I still prefer Japa Dog in Vancouver. We snagged a few more treats along the way- La Panier croissants, Korean BBQ pork sticks, and gelato from Gelatiamo- however, I forgot to take photos before we ate them up. This was a rare occasion as we had no friends visiting to show around, no event to attend, just us, enjoying the famous marketplace.


  1. love being a "tourist" in seattle ;) especially since we have such a beautiful city. the weather was so nice this weekend for roaming around pike place!

  2. Seattle is one of my absolute favourite cities to be a tourist in! I live in Vancouver and I drive down to Seattle as often as I possibly can- just seeing all of the beautiful bouquets at Pike Place Market gets my every time :) It looks like you had a really fun tourist day. You definitely have me thinking about planning another trip!