Friday, August 12, 2011

the waffle window

A few weeks ago we headed down to Portland for a baby shower and squeezed in some time to try a tiny restaurant called the Waffle Window. I found this place a while back and had been wanting to try it but never had the opportunity. Finally we got our chance and it was delicious! There are plenty of options as the menu changes nearly weekly with fresh local ingredients. From savory to sweet or just plain they've got you covered. I'm a waffle person, so this was my spot :) Here's what we had...

Summer Vibes: fresh peaches marinated in a lemon verbena syrup, served with blueberries, whipped cream & berry coulis

Blueberry Lime: fresh blueberries, blueberry-cinnamon compote & lime curd  

Berry Bliss: fresh raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and blackberries topped with whipped cream & berry coulis

The Whole Farm: pepper bacon, roasted red peppers, spinach, sauteed mushrooms & brie 

and Banana Rumba: fresh sliced bananas, caramel sauce, whipped cream & granola crunch 

They were all tasty but my favorite was the Summer Vibes, the peaches were so fresh and full of summer flavor! J's favorite would be the Banana Rumba, but he's really a sucker for anything banana caramel. I'm sure we'll be revisiting the little waffle window in the future, as my sisters' have told me about a raspberry coconut waffle that is heavenly. We'll just have to wait and check back the next time we're in town. 


  1. WOW everything looks amazing! i want to try the bacon one. xx

  2. Those look SOOOO GOOD. I used to be in love with the Sweet Iron waffles, but now after seeing these, I realize they totally skimp on their toppings. If only I could find a reason to drive down to portland... :(

  3. they look amazing! really want a waffle now! <3